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23 June 2012 @ 01:14 am
Confessions: I'd never baked a cupcake before  
I'd been toying with the idea of baking cupcakes for a while, but the options are so overwhelming I just kept delaying the decision until this week. My mother asked me to bake some cupcakes for this party she had with her friends, so that they could take them home as souvenirs and I was so excited to try a couple of recipes. She wanted chocolate and vanilla, something very basic, but I've heard people look for those recipes like I look for the perfect chocolate chip cookies!

This batter made me want to eat them without even giving them a chance to go into the oven, mhm

I decided to go for Cheryl Day's Old Fashioned Cupcakes and roughly translated, Alma's The Best Recipe of Chocolate Cupcakes of the Worldwide World (in Spanish, though there are a few recipes in English at the bottom of the 'Recetario' that I encourage you to read!). I loved the flavour and consistency of Cheryl's cupcakes, but I didn't do well with Alma's. While the flavour was okay, they baked to be like brownies. I used melted chocolate and cocoa powder instead of the second alone, this might have been my fault, but I thought they weren't going to be as tasty with just the powder.

Not too bad for a first timer, right?

As you can see, some overflowed, most sunk awkwardly, some kind of deatched from the liner and the chocolate ones look more like brownies in a cup. I am such a perfectionist, but due to the circumstances, I decided I would forgive myself this ONE time. They might have been slightly underbaked, I bake so many brownies that I'm used to taking my preparations out of the oven before rather than after. I would rather have a moist, rich and slightly underbaked cake than a dry, crumbly one. I already want to bake more cupcakes to try and get better at these though, they proved to be harder than I thought they would be. I should know by now that baking is never easy!

Oh lookit, we are so professional...not! Nice try

Mom and I decorated the cupcakes with royal icing in four different colours (not including the base white): pink, green, yellow and blue. We weren't really aiming for anything, we just had fun, but she definitely did better than me. I learned a few things while doing these, like the fact that I need bigger tips and better liners because these became transparentish and oily and you couldn't really appreciate them.

Tadaa! And here they are, all ready to go to that party

After mom insisted, I arranged them in this pretty basket to take pics of them. They do look nice, don't they? I decorated the chocolate ones and she did the vanilla ones. Every woman left with a smile on her face, they were forgetting their purses, possibly their heads, but no way they were going to leave without their cupcake. Some even asked if these were actually edible, I don't think they are the best looking cupcakes in the world, actually, they're pretty lame, but it makes me happy that they were appreciated after all the work! They'd better eat them though, I won't take a 'too pretty to eat!' for an excuse.

maromeh: rainbow cakemaromeh on June 23rd, 2012 03:41 pm (UTC)
Te quedaron bonitos para ser tu primera vez! Recuerdo que la primera vez que yo hice cupcakes de chocolate fue terrible, porque puse demasiada mezcla en los capacillos y ay no. Pero de ahí se va aprendiendo, así que igual resultan buenas experiencias :)

Por cierto, es muy bonita tu comunidad.
lhaggy on June 23rd, 2012 07:27 pm (UTC)
De todo se aprende, tenés razón, es práctica supongo! Muchas gracias por comentar, me alegra que te guste mi nuevo blog :)